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Peter Luger : 120 years of perfect steak

Peter Luger : 120 years of perfect steak

Ask anyone where to get the best steak in NYC and one out of every three will mention Peter Luger in Brooklyn.

My first experience at Peter Luger was 15 years ago while working as an Underwriter at AIG. Armed with an envelop of cash (this was a cash only restaurant) we used to take a ferry ride from South Street Seaport to this Brooklyn institution. I remember waiting in an endless line at this no frills and no nonsense type of place. 

Little has changed in the last 15 years besides the fact that they now accept Credit Cards and we used Uber. 

We order two of the USDA Prime Dry Aged "Steak for two" between six of us with a side of creamed spinach, French fries and onion rings.


Peter Luger is famous also for its very own steak sauce which is to die for.


The steaks come out sizzling and sliced by the chef.  The server tilts the plates of steak, serves each of us a piece filet and sirloin before pouring the juicy melted butter over each piece. 


You would think there would be no room for dessert, but we surprisingly inhaled all of the Pecan Pie, Cheese cake, Key Lime Pie and the Hot Fudge "Holy Cow" ice cream Sundae.


A long walk was much called for, but we settled for an afternoon siesta instead. 

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